A painting and calligraphy circles students will bring a Book Exhibition in Jinhua-rewrite攻略�

A calligraphy and painting "homecoming" to Jinhua to bring a Book Exhibition in October 29th, a special "homecoming" – Chinese Association second session creation seminar ten Anniversary Symposium held in Jinhua. Besides, there is a painting and calligraphy exhibition held in Jinhua World Trade Center Hotel, love calligraphy and painting of the public, you can visit. "Research classes founded by China Artists Association, the main person in charge mainly for each county or National Artists Association academy." Ding Xuefeng, director of the China Artists Association Training center. "Jinhua since ancient times, whether it is outstanding, gathering of talents, cultural atmosphere or painting and calligraphy attainments, are quite well known in the country. We have ten years of accumulation of the results of this show in one by one, each of the income, the inspiration for each other self-evident." It is understood that the two session of the high class students majoring in various research, figure painting, landscape painting, flower and bird painting, ten years many people have made outstanding achievements, many even formed their own style. China Artists Association, deputy director of the research department Mei Qilin said that the seminar is to facilitate the exchange of experience, mutual progress of a good platform, different people must represent the different factions of painting and calligraphy, we learn from each other, there is contention of a hundred schools of thought, of great significance to students.相关的主题文章: