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The name names are super spicy eyes "called a chicken" was ordered to suspend business for rectification of "chicken without sexual life", "chicken love movement", "Liaoqing chicken"…… These look a bit "hot eye" phrase, is actually a chicken restaurant dishes, the shop on the Internet is quite famous, called "called a chicken". The lunch call is marked as "CALL chicken hotline". This "edge ball" of the name questioned, "call a chicken" in the country and more chain stores also had "vulgar" triggered by complaints. Recently, the Hangzhou market regulatory authorities within the jurisdiction of a called a chicken issued order rectification notice: before rectification, the store shall not operate. The name, name, slogan is "dirty" first to "call a chicken" complaints of Mr. Huang think, this shop is very vulgar. "I have never seen such a vulgar shop, have never seen such a vulgar dish. Not one, as long as the franchise is unified." Mr. Huang said the house called a chicken fried chicken shop, in Hangzhou Xiang Fu road. The store is about 20 square meters, whether it is the store’s appearance or internal decoration, yellow is the main tone, painted on a white cartoon Chicks – this should be Logo. Why take the name as "called a chicken? Is not the business of "unintentional"? Look at the menu, you will find that not. "Chicken without sexual life", "a good horse with a good foot," and "he has a leg""…… The slogan: "the Internet is the most coquettish take away", "call me, you are afraid of it" propaganda posters: "to meet all of your fantasies on the chicken"; brand goal: "global chicken shop leading brand". The shop owner is a young man, he said he was a franchise, only half a month of business. "All the publicity, the menu is the headquarters to give, feel more novel." He said that the recent business is not very good, I do not know because the lot or the brand itself. "This kind of propaganda is not good for children, as if deliberately and erotic edge." Next to a shop owner that can not accept, the slogan is too much. "Nothing special, look at it and remember it." A passerby is understandable, as long as the industry and Commerce (market regulation) registered there on the line". Unlicensed, famous trademark not registered business shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification and approval of Hangzhou Xiang Fu on the road this "called a chicken", other stores have closed Xinhua Road, shop signs have been torn down, the market supervision administration of Hangzhou City branch of Changqing Institute issued an order rectification notice, asked Xinhua Road to "call a chicken" stores closed for rectification. Investigate the reasons are many, the most important undocumented business." Changqing industrial and commercial director Xie Hong introduction, "called a chicken" is a franchise, headquartered in Shanghai, checked the store operation time is not long but "reputation". There are several major problems: the brand is not registered, also did not pass PUC approval; business premises without property rights, it can not apply for business license by. "We ask the other party to apply for a business license, but also to apply for a registered trademark. Before all these links are not passed, the store may not be open for business." That is to say, "call"相关的主题文章: