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A prospective layout of Shenzhen North Legends – activities – Shenzhen Locke network?? "soft floor" Can Xue   stream of people Huansha, Begonia flower downstairs.?? Very hope though with soil, passionate quasi home home.?? The mountain should be like, here has no worries there.?? Fu pin Liangwang, Li to luxury.?? Met Begonia flowers, wandering poet Tianya namely nostalgia homeland, more has a "home" idea. Recalling the ancient and modern, prosperous life and work in Guangzhou Dongguan Shenzhen in the city we did not. Far away from the homeland, the struggle in the steel jungle, because we believe that, in addition to the front of the struggling, as well as poetry and distance. When the flowering crabapple, let us "home" in this. ?? And who built the first good, poly in Hong Mei  ?? it will be nice to have thousands, the central enterprises poly, and build good. [5] poly Begonia carrying a new living life cycle system, the first in Hong Mei, with things and ideas, for the Guangzhou Dongguan Shenzhen to "Begonia flowers" friends to provide suitable old, young the whole life cycle of community facilities, residential property services form, with the quality and forward-looking layout of central enterprises excellent, waterside city core, the benchmark for absolute habitat will rise, build our common life city. This navigation??? A new Dongguan?? May 2014 "economic development in urban and rural areas of the overall planning of Dongguan water features (2013-2030)" from the waterside city in Guangzhou, Dongguan Shenzhen Metro Hub is built, according to the government’s new plan, GDP to 2030 will reach 520 billion yuan, this is simply a new recycling Dongguan". ?? Half an hour of the Pearl River Delta life is not a dream?? as the water town planning core hub — Wang Hong hub station is the intersection point of the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou Dongguan Shenzhen intercity rail Guanhui intercity rail, intercity rail, Dongguan Buddha Pazhou extension 4 intercity rail and Dongguan city rail line from R1, Wang Hong the hub, to the city of Dongguan, Guangzhou airport, Guangzhou South Railway Station or Shenzhen in half an hour, the River Economic Zone and the surrounding area to build half hour living circle target. ?? Poly Begonia, only to meet you  ?? 9 for 5 years, met all of the extraordinary, only to meet you?? the central enterprises poly since 2011 in Dongguan, the first project of Songshan Lake [poly] · red coral created numerous on the CD, the disc of success after it open the crazy expansion, Zhangmutou [·], [poly eco city; Fenggang · poly Lily Garden [·], Qingxi; poly [Liaobu] and the central China mansion · poly Hui Yue city], are subject to the blitz. 2016, we in the Guangzhou Dongguan Shenzhen intercity hub near [] poly Begonia finally met you. ?? (the overall effect of Begonia · pollytool)?? 300 thousand level waterfront villa market, 5 new residential?? poly Begonia, aquatic building, water level is on the upper hand. The whole life cycle of living 5 open innovation system, the project is equipped with 4323 party to international bilingual kindergarten, 20000 Party style commercial street, landscape system, modern city sports fitness area, theme park and aerial navigation相关的主题文章: