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Haze days, the baby easy to cough, the respiratory tract nursing must understand the maternal Sohu – Shanghai, special days of blue, white clouds are like flocks of sheep spreading in the sky. Early in the morning to go to school on the road, greedy to do a lot of deep breathing. In the late autumn of Shanghai, so the blue sky and white clouds, the weather is really precious. It is Sunday morning, good times don’t last long, days becomes gray one, after the rain, the PM2.5 index jumped in the air. Go outdoors, with a choking feeling. I have a strong feeling in my nose and throat. Such a serious air pollution, the greatest impact is certainly not me, but the most delicate baby respiratory tract. Many babies would rather baffling runny nose, sneezing, coughing, some babies will appear throat sputum sound huchihuchi. The respiratory tract itself is relatively fragile, easy to cough baby encounter this kind of weather is uncomfortable, some babies will wake up the morning began to cough a few times, then more and more serious, and even because of the bad weather and suffering from bronchitis, asthma. Haze, the particles in the air increased, these particles will enter our nasal cavity, throat, trachea, and some will even enter the blood through the alveoli. The garbage in the body can hurt our bodies. So, when the haze is more and more serious, the mother of the baby respiratory care must pay attention to. The nose is the beginning of the respiratory tract. So the first thing that needs to be maintained is the baby’s nose. Because the distance from the nasal cavity and lung, the most prone to the deficiency of vital qi, in the fog and haze, the nose is most prone to dry, itchy, some babies will be a lot of nose, some babies will be constantly digging a nostril, some baby is constantly sneezing, runny nose. There are a lot of babies suffering from allergic rhinitis, reason is the haze in a large number of harmful particle adhesion in the nasal cavity, nasal tissue damage caused by that, so the first step to protect the baby respiratory tract is the maintenance of good baby nasal. Fog and haze as far as possible not to take the baby out of the air, especially under the age of 1 children, severe haze weather, reduce the time to go out, would rather let the baby at home. Usually mild or moderate fog and haze days, outdoor activities to choose the location of the relatively dense trees, where the negative oxygen ion content is relatively high. At the same time to avoid the early morning and evening, these two periods is the worst air quality in a day. Can prepare a small saline saline here refers to the hospital transfusion physiological sodium chloride used for sterilization, suck out the small dropper, a drop in the baby’s nose. With the spray nozzle or saline injection into the baby nostrils, can also use saline drops to a sterilized cotton stick, then carefully into the baby’s nose, nasal invasion, these methods can help keep the baby nostrils moist and clean. Increase in the amount of nasal secretions in the baby, whether it is a nasal obstruction or an increase in the nose must pay attention to maintain indoor humidity, to avoid drying, otherwise nasal congestion will be more severe. If the baby does not rub the nose, or involuntarily dig the hole相关的主题文章: