Less than a year on the line, Empire era hand tour announced outage 月丘うさぎ

Less than a year on the line, the Empire era hand travel announced the outage for PC gamers, for the Empire era, this IP will not be unfamiliar. As Microsoft launched a well-known game series, the global cumulative sales is more than 20 million sets. Which is such a IP, after Mobile Games has not adapted for the continuation of a series of consistent performance since, according to the day before the announcement of the release of KLab, Microsoft jointly by the development of the KLab Mobile Games version of Empire: "rule the world" will be officially suspended at the end of November this year. In fact, from the line to the official outage, not more than a year. Official said that the game has stopped charging service in October 6th, and will be officially closed in November 30th. KLab’s announcement: "age of Empires" will be closed in November 30th before the formal speaking of this work, we first introduce the "age of Empires" history, the original series Ensemble from Microsoft’s Studios (ensemble Studios) launched a real-time strategy game. Ensemble Studios was founded in 1995, the first member of the production team from "civilization", it has also been civilization influence in the play. As of 1997, they launched the first Empire era game, after the team was acquired in May 2001. Empire time series has launched more than ten games, the global cumulative sales of more than 20 million sets. Even the series has a long term effect on many of the same types of games. The game from a small fragment in the history of human development, from the stone age to the iron age, a process about human progress. "Age of Empires" by the time division, the division of the branches of science and society linked into the next era, game player can get a new arms and new technology, has greatly enriched the content of the game. On the line less than a year will have no income + frequent bounced outage: in fact, in 2008, after Bungie and with the development of the halo series RTS game "Halo Wars", Microsoft has announced the closure of ensemble studios, this also means that the "age of Empires" series officially launched the stage of history. But in 2014, we see that Microsoft has restarted the project, but this is not an independent research and development, but with the joint development of KLab. The "age of Empires: world domination" before the line is the first from the earliest striking one snag after another, in the summer of 2014 bounced to winter, and later because of the game itself to postpone the on-line time to 2015. To be long in coming until the end of 2015. The game at this time is to catch up with the curing time point for the Japanese market Mobile Games, coupled with the end of the tour in Europe and the United States IP, in Japan itself is unpopular, leading to this game in Japan did not achieve a good result. There is also a data, before THQ has also issued a AOE derivative works on the DS platform, but the time was even less than 100 thousand sets of sales in japan. "The current income of the age of the Empire" can be said to be too horrible to look at.相关的主题文章: