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@ Volvo owners was conducted according to the description of Keigo Higashino’s most surprising group – Sohu car of different automobile owners of the brand image also is really interesting! I always thought that the owner of the Volvo gives the impression of being like the drama "doctor Moorhouse" in Wilson (Wilson) that occupation decent, good heart, dependable character, have a sense of security. Screenshot from "doctor Moorhouse" the fifth quarter of second sets of Moorhouse powder all know, skeptical doctor Moorhouse only friend is Dr. Wilson, Wilson is the oncologist, handsome, gentle, low-key introverted, never hurt others, is a perfect man, if there is no disadvantage. This is the "China impression and report the luxury car brand of white paper" published in recent years Volvo owners impression closer. For different brands of car owners to outline the image, according to the Hurun Institute said, can promote people’s understanding of automotive culture and thinking". In 2014, Hurun Research Institute released the first "China luxury car brand of white paper", the professional reports 37 is "the first generation after the systematic investigation and study of car owners and brand label report". Conclusion: the removal of part of the Mercedes owners: entrepreneurs, high grade, the success of BMW owners: pay attention to the matter, the owner of the Volvo grandeur: social backbone, low-key, family oriented spiritual life, which is considered to be the owner of the Volvo social backbone, low-key, spiritual life, pay attention to the family, the owner of the Volvo and its eight luxury car owners in general think of the social identity are basically the same, "returnees" identity is more important, is the only one in the life attitude and pay more attention to taste and spiritual pursuit of the brand, the high level of education. In drag racing, irrational beatings, bribery and other negative news, BMW, the proportion is much higher than other brands, close to 7. Volvo is the study of the eight largest luxury car brand in the lowest proportion, almost zero. In 2016, the Hurun Research Institute released the "2015-2016 Chinese luxury car brand of white paper", comparing new luxury car owners in China and europe. Conclusion: the removal of one part in China, the owner of the Volvo wealth ranked Porsche owners, the owner of the BMW in Europe, the same! In China, the negative ranking of Volvo owners is the last, in Europe, and so on! It seems, regardless of central Europe, Volvo owners are low-key, wealthy, educated, and this conclusion image released Hurun Research Institute on a Volvo owners "low-key, steady, high degree" is also very consistent. The basic characteristics of the owner and self evaluation of BMW owners: neutral partial female, young married group, high academic qualifications. The domestic social identity label, an upstart kept woman. Key words: high-profile publicity, enjoy their music into. Mercedes Benz owners: neutral partial male, older age, higher education qualifications. Social identity tags: government officials, entrepreneurs. Personality characteristics: stable, sense of responsibility. .相关的主题文章: