Japan established the 6 meeting of experts to deal with the abdication of the emperor during his lif dnf商人吧

Japan established the 6 meeting of experts "to deal with the abdication of the emperor during his lifetime – Sohu news [Global Times reported] a 82 year old Japanese emperor Meiji had to show the public the hope of" living abdication "will, the Japanese government decided to set up a" 23 6 meeting of experts, to help reduce the burden of the emperor official, may on the basis of promoting special legislation. Japan’s "Yomiuri Shimbun" reported that Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yi Wei said 23, "emperor Meiji is 82 years old, we will discuss how to reduce the burden on business for him." According to Japanese media reports, the meeting will be directly under the prime minister’s official residence, a total of 6 members. The chairman of the meeting by the chairman, former president Imai Kei praised a joint group of Nippon Steel, other members include Honorary Professor of University of Tokyo, a famous scholar and your political chef Yamauchi Masano, Keio University President, the famous economist Seike Benedict, Professor of Chiba University of Commerce, international political scholar Miyazaki Midori and Sophia University Professor, administrative law expert Obata Junko. Kan Yi Wei said that the 6 people with a high degree of insight, and has a wealth of experience in organizational management and conference operations". Japan’s "Daily News" said that the members of the expert meeting of the Japanese Constitution, history and the royal family is quite familiar with the model, and at the same time in the induction of issues and issues related to the issue, to guide the national discussion is also more capable. According to the arrangement, the expert meeting will be held in mid October for the first time, when the Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo will attend. Expert meeting will be fully discussed under the premise of the government to submit policy proposals, may promote the introduction of special measures law". Some analysts said that despite the establishment of a meeting of experts dedicated to the emperor, "his abdication" the Japanese government said, "to draw a conclusion, (meeting of experts) still prefer to listen to the views of people widely, showing open attitude. The meeting will involve the emperor’s official responsibilities and abdication of possibility and other issues, but will not discuss royal system reform issues, such as allowing female emperor. (Lu Hao)相关的主题文章: