Jiaxing phone booth girl father refused to say money can rely on both hands live naughty怎么读

"Jiaxing booth girl" father declined money said by hands live – Beijing, Jiaxing City, Zhongshan Road, a telephone booth in Jiaxing Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in the west, is a 12 year old girl Xiaohua "study": an old chair when the desk, picked up the sofa cushion when the stool, every night through dim lamp reading homework. Chen’s parents are a pair of sanitation workers from Sichuan, every day to work late into the night. She is in her "study", quiet study, and other parents after work together to go home. After the newspaper reported, this makes people feel sad and inspirational story touched many people. A few days later, now, not only do the girls do homework, there are college students willing to volunteer to help her homework in the evening. In addition, there are many training institutions willing to free admission to xiaohua. In the face of these good intentions, the girl’s father wanted to thank the newspaper, but he declined all the money to support. The simple man said, "we live on our own hands and spend the money of others." Many units are willing to provide a place near the hall of the hospital has become the new "study" and "booth girl" Xiaohua story after the newspaper reported, continue to have a lot of good people to find a girl, willing to help. There are several training institutions directly to the teacher, I hope to provide a place for the evening self-study. "It’s too cold, I’m shivering, the kids are not easy." One teacher said, they have the teacher academic counseling at night, safety can be assured, the light in the classroom, and a hot drink. Jiaxing City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment on the phone booth in the homework B side, vice captains Song Shu to understand the situation, "said Frank, the child is not easy, soon it gets cold, we detachment guard room do your homework." Xiaohua father Chen Fukang has concerns, after all they are public institutions, business is not good to see people coming and going." Jiaxing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is also willing to provide a nearby place, I went to the scene to see, the Chinese medicine hospital guard room a bit small, will affect their normal work. The hospital registration hall is nice, spacious, evening also didn’t what patient, very quiet, not to disturb other people." Chen Fukang said, yesterday evening, Xiaohua in the registration hall to do homework. Tutor and training center is also the father of the girl rejected all the money the Jiaxing local media also reported the matter, the Jiaxing daily newspaper owned by Scarlett training center decided on every Sunday free for Xiaohua to provide training, counseling courses. On Sunday, Chen Fukang took dressed up his daughter on the first class. Because is the first contact with the similar training school, started some Xiaohua that she and other children at a loss, or some gap. After class, Chen Fukang felt her daughter had a significant change, at least a lot of enthusiasm for learning a lot. In addition, several students from Jiaxing University Youth League volunteers are willing to obligations to Xiaohua with homework, tentatively taking lessons three times a week. In this regard, Chen Fukang very happy. My wife and I have only primary school culture, high school homework simply can not teach." Na相关的主题文章: