Sea Amoy car group to enter the field of automotive electricity supplier issued B2B road development 下北glory days

Sea Amoy car group to enter the field of B2B road car business platform released new network in November 1, in the new network – today, "- no domain" sea Amoy car international trade forum and road platform conference held in Beijing, the sea Amoy car group strategic joint venture partner Haier financial holding group, port partners and the sea Amoy car business alliance and sea Amoy Car Experience Center for media and invited guests and hundreds of people attended the meeting, and witnessed the release of road development platform. Road platform is the sea Amoy car group new on-line B2B platform, designed to create a new industry chain trading service platform, to provide a unified accurate information on the supply and demand for car manufacturers, importers, agents at all levels and retailers, to end the current source of car in the car market, car information problems, procedures and delay of chaos, the the car "deepwater port" into the "sunshine coast". The platform will provide a variety of daily car information, B2B big data is the most authoritative industry, and strictly examine each car information, follow up customer service to find the car, breaking the harsh reality of parallel car out no matter ". The meeting in Shanghai Amoy car group CEO Lin Ming to predict the development of parallel imported cars in the next 5 years, the real industry will start from the electric car, online and offline combination of industry scale than small Alibaba, BAT will enter the competition. In 5 years, the era of automotive e-commerce will really come, and then, the car is no longer a car trouble, but as easy and cheap to buy a bike. At the forum, from the major port, free trade area of the person in charge of state-owned enterprises now respectively introduced the latest development of the port at the merchant service products, and other aspects of the implementation of the policy, and the parallel import car is currently facing the international trade system is not perfect, the imported car brands, conflict of interest policy lags on the bottleneck and Countermeasures further discussion. From the car, electric network founder Cheng Li shared his state for the current situation of imported and domestic car observation, analysis and potential advantages, imported cars, he focused on "perspective of automotive technology", to show the electric cars, the Internet finance is a new marketing channel under the current consumer demand, and with the changes the structure of automobile consumption, automobile transportation function has risen to enjoy quality, compared to the same period last year, an increase of 9.48% in passenger cars, with an overall increase of 14.10% luxury cars, personalized luxury car brand growth faster, so the mobile Internet era of imported cars also have great development space. At the same time, the sea Amoy car experience center and business alliance project representatives also said that the impact from the Internet to the automotive industry, to represent the general trend of the automobile electricity supplier, today, this industry there is time and the model of the problem, how to become an independent school in the mode, break the old pattern of car sales, open up new ideas, get rid of the awkward situation is now the parallel import car practitioners together to consider the problem, while the sea Amoy car group line layout not only with an open mind to seek a number of partners, but also through joining and joint ventures, to protect the consumer’s attention the import car customer service service, to achieve a "trader sink", expand the.相关的主题文章: