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Than the Mercedes Benz E class ten mm, standard double xenon lamp and a panoramic sunroof only if the car about 380 thousand – Sohu recently listed the hottest models must be the new Mercedes Benz E class, which makes the whole luxury large car market into insecure situation, especially the BMW 5 series and Audi A6L, felt a strong pressure but there is a car, and to challenge the new Mercedes Benz E, it is recommended today we just listed domestic Jaguar XFL. We just got the news, the new domestic Jaguar luxury sedan XFL price range of 38.80-68.80 million. This price can be said to be quite attractive. The debut of domestic Jaguar XFL after the April 2016 opening of the Beijing auto show, the new location is a large car, the Jaguar that aluminum body structure is proud, which is unique in the same rank. In terms of body size, the length and width of the domestic Jaguar XFL was 5093mm 1880mm 1456mm, wheelbase reached 3100mm, compared to imported Jaguar XF wheelbase increased by 140mm. Its body length and width are beyond the same level of Audi A6L, BMW 5 series and the new Mercedes Benz E long wheelbase version. The car offers 5 different configuration version, respectively Fenghua edition, Elite Edition, deluxe edition, exclusive edition, deluxe edition, their configuration from low to high. The Fenghua version will be equipped with Bi xenon headlamps, leather seats, air quality sensors, 10 to electrically adjustable front seats, steering wheel, panoramic sunroof, traffic control system and adjusting electric Meridian sound. Elite version is equipped with an external rearview mirror memory, driver seat memory, front seat heating, navigation systems, etc.. Deluxe Edition configuration higher will further enhance the configuration, equipped with perforated leather seats, rear seat heating, car air purifier, four air conditioning, parking, keyless entry, configuration is very rich. Anxious to buy a car do not know which fly? Want to know how to use the car to raise the car, but also want to protect the rights of complaints of automotive products and services Search precise car micro signal: buycar360, car purchase 24 hours online to answer any of your questions.相关的主题文章: