Site visits energy-saving road to Sichuan Litchi (Figure) – Beijing 申威1600

Site visits: energy-saving road to Sichuan Litchi (Figure) – Beijing Road along the dangers of litchi. In March 2015, the expert group on litchi road Longyoung temple ruins (MA Du township government for Tang Tianbao (742 years) – 756), Tang Xuanzong to meet yang to eat fresh litchi, the power of the whole nation, finishing more than 1 thousand km road transport of litchi. Estafette litchi picking litchi leaf and sealed in the bamboo cylinder of a new cut in indigenous preservation. Then "twenty in a substitution, sixty in a horse", and express to the capital, leaving the Millennium Heritage Trail for modern litchi. "Energy-saving, no one is known to litchi." Yang is one of the litchi smile come from? From the South Road at top speed sent to Xi’an, thousands of years ago thousands of miles of road to ride? September 21st to 22, the WCC, Huaxi City Reader reporter to set foot on the road of litchi, spanning thousands of years of time, for in time in the circulation of the legacy of ancient legend. Litchi road line concubine Fuzhou road to love from how to determine? On the road of litchi lines, has been the focus of attention in academics and folk. "Tianbao" set: "the imperial concubine was addicted to litchi, Fuzhou to tribute to Ma Dichi, seven days and seven nights to beijing. Many men shoot on the road, people suffer the". "Ming Shu Guang Ji" on litchi road line: Chongqing Fuling Xiang load (Feizi Park) – Dianjiang – Dazhu – Dazhou – Sichuan – Liangping Xuanhan Ma Du – Pingchang Yan Kou Xiang – Bazhong – Tongjiang – Dazhou Wanyuan Wanyuan Shaanxi reentry Zhenba County – Xixiang County town of meridian, the Meridian Road to Xi’an. Last March and March this year, after two times of field research, preliminary to litchi Road: Fuling – Dianjiang – Liang Ping Kaijiang (Dazhu – Dalcheon) – Xuanhan (Da Cheng Xiang wa Yao Ba folding bridge, pass, Ma Du) – Pingchang County, Wanyuan city (eagle, Bei Xiang Miao Wu Xiang, Qin River Yudai Township, Wei Jiaxiang Township, Tongjiang county) – (Zhu Yu Xiang, Wanyuan city into Hongqiao township), Zhenba County, Xixiang County, Xi’an Meridian Road, after a total of more than and 10 counties, the total mileage of 1000 kilometers. Has been involved in the investigation of the Wang Ping introduction, through the investigation, many of them in the territory of Dazhou City, river canyon, Cliff Road, found a large number of ancient bridges, "the road as ontology, confirmed the existence of ancient litchi road". In addition, litchi along the Tang Dynasty tiles, cliff stone, ancient ruins and other historical relics, and further confirms the road to. Wang Ping believes that these resources have a higher value of tourism development and historical and cultural research, should be good use. "Not only refers to a litchi Road, namely road, road, but a mutual communication network system." Wang Ping, Lai Chi Road, Micang road is an important part of the ancient Shu Road, is an important link in the northeast of Sichuan and Guanzhong area. The ancient painted statues of historical relics inscription spirit "Sichuan" began in 2007, June 2014, litchi road and Micang together, are included in the scope of the inscription of sichuan. At present, Dazhou is speeding up the progress of the work of ancient inscription. March 2015, 2016 3 industry相关的主题文章: