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Taiwan international education institution for the mainland released in 2017 the United States private boarding high school rankings – Beijing Beijing in October 1 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Chen Xiaoyuan) Taiwan international education institutions beauty education group released the evening of 30 2017 the United States private boarding high school comprehensive ranked 100 in Beijing for mainland students to apply for the United States to attend high school provide reference. This is the third consecutive year the group launched the United States boarding high school rankings. This ranking is mainly based on reflect the financial status of school affairs funds, apply for American universities standard score average SAT, apply for school admission rate of three standard. Among them, Phillips Academy Andover, Phillips Exeter Academy, Groton School three schools in the top three. The beauty of science education chairman Zhang Hengrui said that in recent years, Chinese students studying in the United States showed a trend of younger age, the number of boarding senior high school reading is growing rapidly, but the spread of the current network of American boarding school ranking of a wide variety, many students often face confusion in the choice of schools. Zhang Hengrui pointed out that the American private boarding school ranking considering the school fund, average SAT, admission rate and other factors, through a large number of accurate data, more clearly reflects the strength of the school, school students, admission difficulty and graduates academic level, hoping to help mainland applicants to choose the most suitable for their own school. This release ranked only for boarding high school, and not to a day school. Zhang Hengrui said, compared to the day school, boarding school provides high quality environment more suitable for young students learning, life and growth. , founded in Taiwan in 1996, has now become a cross strait educational institutions, currently in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and other cities with a company. (end)相关的主题文章: