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The old man bought "Japan Vietnam travel medicine" appeared impulse original title after eating: foreign travel to buy back the thrombolytic medicine 65 year old man had sexual impulse home Banan lijiatuo Ms. Zhang and her husband in Vietnam when traveling on a guided tour, suffering from cerebral thrombosis to her husband bought a few boxes of drugs in the treatment of thrombosis the. Can buy a home for her husband after eating, Ms. Zhang found that there was something wrong — not only without the taste of the medicine and the medicine, the 65 year old husband after eating to sexual urges, stomachache, drug addicts and other strange symptoms. Vietnam Travel 2000 yuan to buy the "Japanese medicine"   "is this medicine, you smell a little taste of medicine." November 11th afternoon, reporters in Banan District lijiatuo District saw a more than and 50 year old Ms. zhang. A meeting, she took out a blue bag, inside the 5 yellow paper box. Unlike the 5 kit kit, all of which are printed on the strange letters, and not English. "These are Vietnamese, not a Chinese word." Ms. Zhang said, because these drugs are in Vietnam to buy, so it is Vietnamese characters. The box inside is open, silver foil wrapped translucent pill. The reporter opened a carefully smell a bit, did not have any medicine. Ms. Zhang said that at the end of October, Ms. Zhang and her husband Mr. Wang in Banan District lijiatuo a company called "golden Wyatt International Travel Agency" tourism company signed a contract to travel to vietnam. In November 3rd, the tour guide led her to go to a health center in Guangning, Vietnam, to listen to health lectures, although it is sold in Vietnam, but the Chinese are selling drugs." Ms. Zhang said, at that time a lecturer demonstrated a kind of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular thrombosis can be drugs, the drug can make the blockage of the thrombus dredge. Think of her husband Mr. Wang suffered from cerebral thrombosis, Ms. Zhang felt that this medicine is quite effective, spent 2000 yuan to buy a box of 6. According to the drug sales lecturer said, although this drug is sold in Vietnam, but it is japanese. Zhang recalled, when the payment, the tour guide urged everyone to leave in a hurry. The old man ate a box of medicine has the impulse   after returning home, Mr. Wang started taking these drugs, started to use, and there is no exception, but a few days later, Ms. Zhang found that her husband was obviously wrong. "65 years old, suddenly had a particularly strong sexual impulse." Ms. Zhang said that her husband, Mr. Wang just over 65 years old this year, a few years ago are also a one-time life of the past one or two months, since the drug has been eaten, even a week to ask for a sexual life of the two or three. Not only that, Mr. Wang after taking medicine, but also showed a special dependence on drugs, appears to be particularly fond of taking medicine. "Sometimes it will be called stomach ache, it is because the medicine to eat more." Ms. Zhang, a box of drugs have 60, less than a week after her husband finished. The abnormal, Ms. Zhang immediately asked her husband to suspend the medication. The hotel is not clear: this medicine is what   unable to contact the drug dealers, reporters came to Ms. Zhang Yan a newspaper group相关的主题文章: