CCXI focus on Shandong landscape related announcement 河间游僧

CCXI: focus on Shandong landscape related announcement CCXI 3 announcement that the Shandong Shanshui Cement Group Limited concerned related announcement. CCXI pointed out that the landscape is Shandong landscape cement parent company, listed on the Hongkong stock exchange. In January 31st, Shanshui Cement announced that it had successfully taken over the Shandong Shanshui headquarters and another 3 factories in January 30th. In February 1st, the Industrial Bank announced that the "13 landscape MTN1 holders meeting has been held at the meeting, proposed to pay 13 China landscape landscape MTN1 bond interest payment of funds bill is not passed, the relevant measure on the landscape of Shandong fails to honour the" 13 landscape MTNI "disposal work obtained by default. CCXI pointed out that the Shandong landscape of the ultra short term financing bonds "15 landscape SCP001" and "MTN1 13 landscape" medium-term notes have appeared substantive breach of contract, and Shandong landscape in January 22nd announced on February 12th payment of principal and interest of ultra short term financing bonds "15 landscape SCP002" to the basic period can not be cashed. CCXI will Shandong landscape related overdue and maturing debt payment to raise funds to keep a close watch. Shandong landscape in January 2013, February 2014 and May 2014 respectively issued three medium-term notes, from CCXI rating related work. In January 5th, the Shandong landscape CCXI’s main credit rating lowered to C, the three votes in the debt credit rating lowered to C. (Zhang Qinfeng) go into [Sina Financial shares] discussion

中诚信国际:关注山东山水相关公告   中诚信国际3日发布公告称,关注山东山水水泥集团有限公司相关公告。   中诚信国际指出,山水水泥为山东山水母公司,在香港联交所上市。1月31日,山水水泥发布公告称,已于1月30日顺利接管山东山水总部及另外3家工厂。2月1日,兴业银行发布公告称,“13山水MTN1”持有人会议已召开,在此次会议上,中国山水提出的偿付“13山水MTN1”债券付息兑付资金的议案未获得通过,关于山东山水未按期兑付“13山水MTNI”的违约处置工作的相关议案获得通过。   中诚信国际指出,山东山水的超短期融资券“15山水SCP001”和中期票据“13山水MTN1”均已出现实质性违约,且山东山水于1月22日发布公告称应于2月12日兑付本息的超短期融资券“15山水SCP002”到期基本无法兑付。中诚信国际将对山东山水相关逾期及即将到期债务的兑付资金筹集情况保持密切关注。   山东山水于2013年1月、2014年2月和2014年5月分别发行三期中期票据,由中诚信国际进行相关评级工作。1月5日,中诚信国际将山东山水的主体信用等级下调至C,将三支中票的债项信用等级下调至C。(张勤峰) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: