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Apple: Court crack iPhone move unconstitutional Sina Technology News Beijing standard time on February 26th’s morning news, apple on Thursday in the court of the United States government requirements for the cracking of the shooting suspect the behavior of iPhone launched a counterattack, alleging a violation of free speech rights, above in the country will be. The battle between apple and the U.S. government from last week, at the time, the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) to get a court order, asked apple to write new software and other measures to help them to cancel the password protection, in order to enter San Bernardino shooting suspect Ruiz 000 · Farooq (Rizwan Farook) iPhone. It also caused widespread controversy. Apple thinks that the court should be revoked last week issued a warrant, the company said that the software is a protected form of speech, so the U.S. Department of justice in violation of the requirements of the constitution of the United states. The company said: "the requirements of the government created the burden of There was no parallel in history. to apple, but Apple violated free speech rights, forcing the" speech "." Apple also said that the move is ultra vires, before the United States Senate rejected a relevant legislation, so the company does not have to comply with the requirements of the government. The government said in 1789 promulgated "All Writs Act" allows the court to take the necessary measures to enforce orders, forcing apple to comply with the court order. But Apple said in the document, the prosecution is wrong to the Supreme Court of the United States together on telecommunications company case application in San Bernardino case. Because Apple is not utilities, and companies like apple forced Congress refused to reserve the back door in the product, so that the apple company has no obligation to help the government to crack the suspect iPhone. The U.S. Department of justice got the federal court’s authorization last week when Apple was absent. The judge allowed apple to make a brief response on Thursday and will hold a hearing next month. Some big technology companies seem to be on the side of the apple. Informed sources said that Google and Facebook also submitted submissions to support apple, and Microsoft will also submit a Amicus friend opinion book. Twitter also supports apple. The U.S. Justice Department says the way they prosecute criminals will not change. (Book Yu)

苹果:法院要求破解iPhone之举违宪越权   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月26日早间消息,苹果周四在法庭上对美国政府要求其破解枪击案嫌疑人iPhone的行为展开了反击,称此举违反自由言论权,凌驾于国会的意愿之上。   苹果与美国政府之间的这场斗争源自上周,彼时,美国联邦调查局(FBI)获得法院授权,要求苹果编写新的软件并采取其他措施,帮助其取消密码保护措施,以便进入圣贝纳迪诺枪击案嫌疑人瑞兹万·法鲁克(Rizwan Farook)的iPhone。   此事也引发了广泛争论。苹果认为法院应该撤销上周发出的授权令,该公司表示,软件是一种受保护的言论形式,因此美国司法部的要求违反了美国宪法。   该公司说:“政府的要求给苹果创造了史无前例的负担,而且违反了苹果的自由言论权,强迫其‘发表言论’。”   苹果还表示,法院此举有越权之嫌,美国国会之前驳回了一项相关立法,因此该公司不必遵守政府的这项要求。   美国政府表示,1789年颁布的《All Writs Act》允许法院采取必要措施来强制执行命令,迫使苹果遵守法院命令。   但苹果在文件中表示,检方错误地将美国最高法院的一起关于电信公司的判例应用于圣贝纳迪诺一案。由于苹果并非公用事业单位,而且国会拒绝强迫苹果这样的公司在产品中预留后门,所以苹果认为该公司没有义务帮助政府破解犯罪嫌疑人的iPhone。   美国司法部上周是在苹果未出席的情况下获得联邦法院授权的。法官允许苹果本周四作出简短回应,并将于下月举行听证会。   一些大型科技公司似乎都站在苹果一边。知情人士表示,谷歌和Facebook也都提交意见书支持苹果,而微软也将提交一份法庭之友意见书。Twitter同样对苹果表示支持。   美国司法部表示,他们起诉犯罪分子的方式不会因此改变。(书聿)相关的主题文章: