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Enterprise financial debt restructuring enterprises — financial – lock three people.com.cn original title: corporate finance debt restructuring locked three enterprises China recently, the CBRC issued the "on the creditors’ committee of banking financial institutions related work notice", (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"). The purpose is to require banking financial institutions to strengthen the management of financial claims, maintain the economic and financial order, standardize and do the relevant work of the creditors’ committee, guide the restructuring of corporate financial debts, help the difficult enterprises out of the predicament, and support the development of the real economy. At present, the economy is in the down stage, the repayment pressure of enterprises increases. The regulatory authorities have issued the above notice to the present situation that the scale of the previous bank loans is higher in the assets of the enterprises." Lianxun Securities Research Director Fu Lichun told reporters that this is in order to avoid business loans because too fast out of bankruptcy caused by other serious situation, because if this kind of situation, also has the relative risk for banks. The director of the banking Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of social sciences has just pointed out that, in the past period of time, the relationship between banks and enterprises has shown a vicious circle from the micro level. With the rise of credit risk, the repayment ability of the enterprise becomes poor, resulting in micro bank losses increase, banks in order to reduce losses, will be higher, so the enterprise level increased tension, lead to increased risk of enterprise, is justified from the micro perspective of the vicious spiral, which is decided by the market mechanism. However, this process will exacerbate the risk of enterprises and banks, so the market mechanism alone can not solve, because if each bank has similar ideas, it will lead to excessive lending behavior. Supervision issued the notice, also trying to stabilize the banking institutions, reduce excessive lending may lead to a vicious cycle." Zeng gang said. There are sixteen articles in the notice, which clarifies the nature, responsibility and working principle of the debt Commission, and stipulates the establishment of the debt Committee and the composition of members, rules of procedure, financial support and guidance and coordination, and puts forward the relevant requirements for the implementation of the enterprise financial debt restructuring. Among them, the nature of the debt Commission is a consultative, self disciplined and temporary organization initiated by more than three creditor bank financial institutions with large debt size. The responsibility of the debt Committee, in accordance with the policy of "one enterprise, one policy", collectively study the measures of increasing loans, stabilizing loans, reducing loans and restructuring, and orderly carry out debt restructuring, asset preservation and other related work to ensure that the banking financial institutions to form a joint force. In terms of financial support, in order to ensure the normal operation of enterprises, there is a good reason for the new funds demand by the enterprises. The debt committee can be supported by the establishment of syndicated loans, the establishment of joint credit mechanism or closed financing. The creditor banking financial institutions shall act together, to achieve stable expectations, stable credit, stable support, not free to stop lending, loan pumping; can be recovered through the necessary risk control, loan extension, Xudai etc., to maximize the help enterprise solution. The notice stipulates that the enterprises that carry out financial restructuring should at least have the following conditions: first, the development of enterprises conforms to the national macro-economic policies, industrial policies and financial support policies

企业金融债务重组锁定三类企业–财经–人民网 原标题:企业金融债务重组锁定三类企业   近日,中国银监会印发《关于做好银行业金融机构债权人委员会有关工作的通知》,(以下简称《通知》)。目的是要求银行业金融机构加强金融债权管理,维护经济金融秩序,规范和做好债权人委员会相关工作,指导企业金融债务重组,帮扶困难企业走出困境,支持实体经济发展。   “目前经济处于下行期,企业还款压力增大。监管层针对前期银行贷款规模在企业资产中比例较高的现状发了以上《通知》。”联讯证券研究主管付立春告诉记者,此举也是为了避免企业因为贷款过快抽离造成破产等其他严重情况的发生,因为如果这类情况发生,对于银行来说也具有相对风险。   中国社科院金融所银行研究室主任曾刚指出,过去一段时间,从微观层面看,银企之间的关系呈现出恶性循环现象。随着信用风险的上升,企业还款能力变差,导致微观银行损失增加,银行为了减少损失,就会惜贷,于是加剧企业层面的紧张,导致企业风险增加,这个恶性循环从微观上讲都是有道理的,这是由市场机制所决定的。   “但是这个过程反而会加剧企业和银行的风险,因此单靠市场机制无法解决,因为如果每个银行都有类似想法,就会导致过度抽贷行为出现。监管出台《通知》,也是在试图稳定银行机构行为,降低过度抽贷可能导致的恶性循环发生。”曾刚表示。   《通知》共十六条,明确了债委会的性质、职责和工作原则,规定了债委会的成立和成员组成、议事规则、资金支持及指导与协调等内容,提出了实施企业金融债务重组的相关要求。   其中规定债委会的性质,是由债务规模较大的困难企业三家以上债权银行业金融机构发起成立的协商性、自律性、临时性组织。   债委会的职责,要按照“一企一策”的方针集体研究增贷、稳贷、减贷、重组等措施,有序开展债务重组、资产保全等相关工作,确保银行业金融机构形成合力。   在资金支持方面,为保证企业的正常运营,企业提出的新资金需求有充分理由的,债委会可以通过组建银团贷款、建立联合授信机制或封闭式融资等方式予以支持。各债权银行业金融机构应当一致行动,切实做到稳定预期、稳定信贷、稳定支持,不得随意停贷、抽贷;可通过必要的、风险可控的收回再贷、展期续贷等方式,最大限度地帮助企业解困。   《通知》重点规定,开展金融债务重组的企业至少应当具备以下条件:一是企业发展符合国家宏观经济政策、产业政策和金融支持政策;二是企业产品或服务有市场、发展有前景,具有一定的重组价值;三是企业和债权银行业金融机构有金融债务重组意愿。 (责编:孙阳、杨曦)相关的主题文章: