the market needs time to change space 重生之逍遥至尊txt

The European plate waiting for reinforcements on a multi gold retreat gold investment network February 17th hearing, the price of gold in the early European market rose yesterday dropping point, but the end result is again to get the support of the rebound, and a strong rebound also broke the pupil watershed in the 1204-05 region are early ideas of short days, the Asian plate the highest hit 1210 position! 1205 and 1195 again won the support of Powei had to let us re-examine the short-term market trend! During the Spring Festival, the meeting rose strongly to 1263 place, then fell sharply. By the end of yesterday, the price of gold fell to 1191, which was taken as the 90% increase of the Spring Festival. So the big fluctuation of the Spring Festival announced a paragraph, and the short term gold price entered a rest area. The ups and downs of the daily line do not support, the market needs time to change space, and gradually repair the Spring Festival after the huge fluctuations of indicators, then the shock is the best way to rest! So the international price of gold in the break of 1205 days after the long and short water line, we should consider the new trajectory of the market! As the diagram shows, the possibility of further breaking up in the short term will be greater after splitting the water in the day. And the high point of the 1215 rebound overnight will be the primary pressing point of the European and American disc market, under which there is no decent resistance, while at the same time, the rising channel of short cycle situation is suppressed in the vicinity of 1220. Of course, with the change of time and space, the position of this repression also changed. The key problem was the graphic display of 4 hours upward, and the repression was also in the 1220 area! From the early morning international gold prices continued to decline in the morning, now the international gold prices broke and stabilized above 1205, bearish ideas gradually evolved into shock, rest and time in exchange for the shock of space pattern, moving at any time! Follow the trend! Today’s gold price retracement 1204-06 area to do more, stop at the bottom of 4 hours chart 1202 position, the target to see 1215-1220! Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

欧美盘等待多方援军 黄金紧盯一撤退信号   金投网2月17日讯,早盘黄金价格在此下探昨日欧盘市场的起涨点位置,但最终的结果是再度获得支撑展开反弹,而强势的反弹也打破了早盘思路中给出的1204-05区域日内短线的多空分水岭,亚盘目前最高触及1210位置!   1205的破位和1195的再度获得支撑不得不让我们重新的审视短线的行情走势!春节期间会见强势上扬至1263位置,随后大幅下跌。   截止昨日黄金价格跌至1191,也算是回吐了春节90%的涨幅,那么春节的大波动以宣告一个段落,短线黄金价格进入一个休整区域。   日线形态上大涨和大跌不不支持,市场需要时间换空间逐步修复春节巨幅波动后的指标,那么震荡休整就是最好的方式了!   所以国际金价在冲破1205的日内多空分水线后我们就应该考虑行情新的运行轨迹了!如图解所示,短线打破日内多空分水后进一步上扬的可能更大。   而隔夜反弹的高点1215区域将是欧美盘市场首要的压制点,在此之下没有什么像样的阻力,于此同时短周期形势的上升通道压制在1220附近。   当然伴随着时间和空间的转变,这个压制的位置也随之而变,问题的关键是4小时往上的图形显示压制也在1220区域!   从早盘国际黄金价格延续凌晨跌势到现在国际黄金价格上破并企稳在1205之上,看空的思路逐步演变成震荡休整用时间来换取空间的震荡格局,随时而动!随势而动!   今日黄金价格回撤1204-06区域做多,止损在4小时图底部1202位置,目标看1215-1220! 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: