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The sea is about to become the world’s largest garbage dump – the trash that Sohu falls into the ocean is almost impossible to remove. Australia’s National Bureau of scientific research statistics, every ten years, the world’s plastic products will double. The ocean garbage has even become a marine garbage belt, distributed in the equatorial calm zone of the Atlantic, Pacific Ocean and India ocean. After reading the above reports, it is difficult to see that the net has brought about great damage to the marine ecological environment caused by human beings. Fortunately, some people have made pollution, and some people have tried to eliminate the pollution. Australia’s Andrew Turton, Pete Ceglinski’s "Seabin Project" plans to design an electric ocean floating garbage bin, which is expected to remove floating debris, or even oil, in the simplest way. The founder of Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski love surfing and water sports industry for ship operators and product designers, when they found their activities in the waters gradually surrounded by garbage, they decided to initiate action to protect this piece of their love of the ocean. They quit their jobs, betting all his savings, the past industry professional, play in the design of the marine garbage. The principle of marine garbage can plan to help clean the ocean is very simple, the founder of design of trash with screen, set in the people easily threw garbage into the ocean in the docks, shore pumps will guide the water continuously flows into the trash into the trash debris floating in the sea, and then through the filtration bag of garbage separation with the sea. Like a strainer, leave the trash in the trash and let the clean water out. The design principle is simple, and the cost is not high either in the manufacture or maintenance of the garbage cans, and it can run 24 hours without a year. Marine trash plan is now in Indiegogo fund-raising success, in 2016 will produce 50 marine garbage transported all over the world device, if the plan is feasible and the future will seek to assist manufacturers, the production of more marine trash, gave the earth more clean a clear blue. This article is reproduced permission, not reproduced. The LaVie family of Seabin Project action figure

大海即将变成全球最大垃圾场-搜狐   掉进海洋里的垃圾几乎是无法可除去的。澳洲的国家科学研究局统计,每经十年,全球的塑胶制品就会增加一倍。海洋上垃圾甚至已经自成一片海洋垃圾带,分布于大西洋、太平洋和印度洋的赤道无风带里。   看完以上报告,很难以眼不见为净几个字带过人类为海洋生态环境造成的巨大破坏,所幸有人制造污染,也有人竭力消除污染。澳洲的 Andrew Turton、 Pete Ceglinski 的「海洋垃圾桶计划」(Seabin Project),设计出电动海洋漂浮垃圾桶,有望以最简单的方式清除海上漂浮的垃圾碎屑甚至油污。   创办人 Andrew Turton 和 Pete Ceglinski 热爱冲浪和水上活动,本业为制船商和产品设计师,当他们发现在他们活动的海域逐渐被垃圾所围绕时,他们便决定要发起行动,保护这片他们所热爱的海洋。他们辞掉工作,投注所有的积蓄,将过往本业的专业,发挥在设计这个海洋垃圾桶上。         海洋垃圾桶计划帮助清洁海洋的原理很简单,创办人设计出附有滤网的垃圾桶,设置在人们较容易随手将垃圾丢进海洋中的码头边,岸上的帮浦将引导水流持续不断地流进垃圾桶,带入漂浮在海上的垃圾碎屑,再透过滤网袋分离垃圾与海水。如同滤网一般,将垃圾留在垃圾桶里,让干净的海水排出去。设计原理简单,且无论在垃圾桶制造或维护方面,费用都不高,并能够全年无休 24 小时运转。   海洋垃圾桶计划目前已经在 Indiegogo 募资成功,在 2016 年将会制造出 50 个海洋垃圾桶运送到世界各地装置,若计划实际可行,未来将会寻求制造商的协助,生产更多海洋垃圾桶,还给这个地球更清洁的一片澄澈水蓝。               本文章为转载授权,不得转载。   文 LaVie行动家│ 图 Seabin Project相关的主题文章: