and the average monthly independent access equipment was about 20 million. Local advertisers grew by 32% 别有洞天的意思

U.S. comment website Yelp fourth quarter year-on-year loss of CFO resignation to see the latest market Sina Technology News Beijing time on the morning of February 9th, the U.S. business review website Yelp announced the fourth quarter of last year earnings report. The results showed that Yelp lost revenue in the fourth quarter, and the growth of operating costs offset revenue growth. Yelp also announced that CFO ·, Rob Lorik, is about to leave Krolik. Yelp reported that the fourth quarter revenue was $153 million 700 thousand, the loss was $22 million 200 thousand, or $0.29 per share, while the same period last year was 32 million 700 thousand U.S. dollars, or 0.42 U.S. dollars per share. Adjusted profits fell from $0.19 in the same period last year to $0.11. According to Thomson Reuters, analysts expect Yelp’s revenue to be $152 million 350 thousand in the quarter, and the adjusted loss per share is $0.03, excluding one-time spending. Yelp said that the number of independent device access increased by 38%, and the average monthly independent access equipment was about 20 million. Local advertisers grew by 32%, to about 111 thousand. Yelp says chief financial officer Lorik will leave the company in the next few months. Krolick joined Yelp in 2011, and he will continue to work in Yelp before the new CFO is in place. For the first quarter, Yelp expects revenue to be 154 million to 157 million dollars. For the year 2016, Yelp expects revenue to be 685 million to 700 million dollars. Analysts expect Yelp revenue to be $154 million 400 thousand in the first quarter and $687 million 420 thousand in revenue for the entire year. Yelp shares fell 11.27% to $16.06 on Monday. Yelp shares rose slightly by $0.24 on Monday’s after market trading in the US stock market. Yelp is in a bad situation recently. The Wall Street journal points out that the cost of Yelp is rising, while the number of subscribers is slowing down. Over the past 3 years, the total number of employees in Yelp has increased by more than 3 times, to about 3600 people. However, the company’s average revenue per employee is far lower than Facebook and Google and other large technology companies. In addition, Yelp is also facing more and more fierce competition, including competition from Google. (Wei Jin)

美国点评网站Yelp第四季度同比转亏 CFO辞职 查看最新行情   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月9日上午消息,美国商户点评网站Yelp周一公布了去年第四季度财报。财报显示,Yelp第四季度同比转亏,经营成本的增长抵消了营收增长。Yelp同时宣布,首席财务官罗博·克罗里克(Rob Krolik)即将离职。   Yelp报告称,第四季度营收为1.537亿美元,亏损为2220万美元,或每股0.29美元,而上年同期为盈利3270万美元,或每股0.42美元。调整后利润则从上年同期的0.19美元下降至0.11美元。   根据汤森路透的统计,分析师平均预计,Yelp该季度营收为1.5235亿美元,不包含一次性支出在内的调整后每股亏损为0.03美元。   Yelp表示,应用的独立设备访问量同比增长38%,月平均独立访问设备约为2000万。本地广告客户同比增长32%,至约11.1万。   Yelp表示,首席财务官克罗里克将在未来几个月中离职。克罗里克于2011年加入Yelp,在新首席财务官到位之前,他即将继续在Yelp任职。   对于第一季度,Yelp预计,营收将为1.54亿至1.57亿美元。而对于2016年全年,Yelp预计营收为6.85亿至7亿美元。分析师平均预计,Yelp第一季度营收将为1.544亿美元,全年营收将为6.8742亿美元。   Yelp股价周一下跌11.27%,至16.06美元。在周一美国股市的盘后交易中,Yelp股价小幅上涨0.24美元。   Yelp近期正陷入不利处境。《华尔街日报》指出,Yelp的成本正在上涨,而用户数增长则逐渐放缓。   过去3年,Yelp的员工总数增长了超过3倍,至约3600人。然而该公司的每员工平均营收远低于Facebook和谷歌等大型科技公司。此外,Yelp也面临着越来越激烈的竞争,包括来自谷歌的竞争。(维金)相关的主题文章: