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4 people buried houses collapsed under the ruins of the father to a young daughter (Figure) – Beijing, under the ruins of the father body support daughter Yunnan network (reporter Yang Zhihui correspondent Li Baoping) September 23rd, Yunnan Zhaotong City Longshan Village Zhao Lu quick channel with six of the houses collapsed, causing 4 people were trapped. After intense rescue fire in Zhaotong and nearby villagers, 4 people rescued, including a baby dying, has been given first aid by the medical staff. According to reports, 0:53 on September 23rd, Zhaotong city fire brigade command center received a public warning: located in Zhaotong City, Zhao Lu quick channel Longshan agency has a village six houses collapsed, 4 people were trapped, the situation is very urgent. The command center have been deployed, Zhaoyang secret squadron squadron and attendance headquarters a total of 5 vehicles and 25 to disposal. Rescue officers arrived at the scene saw 1 Adobe houses fell into ruins, outside the 2 trapped nearby villagers and rescued 2 trapped by a large number of bricks, wood and other debris buried, 1 father and his 2 year old daughter to death. Because it is early in the morning, 2 trapped in the collapsed house after being buried in the bed, and the location of the house there are two times the risk of collapse. According to the site, the fire brigade quickly to carry out rescue officers and soldiers: the external use of mobile and vehicular lighting group provide on-site lighting, and the evacuation of the crowd, set up safety observation post, to prevent causing two damage in the process of clearing the debris. The rescue officers and soldiers were divided into 2 groups, one group with a spade, shovel carefully clean up trapped above the ruins, the other group is the use of motorized chain saws, obstacles and hydraulic equipment such as cleaning up the big group. At the same time, the 2 groups began to clean up the surrounding rocks, boards, etc.. When close to the trapped, the officers and soldiers to use a little bit of clean up the obstacles, so that most of the trapped body exposed. The soldiers found a father embrace almost collapsed young girls, the scene is very moving. After half an hour of intense rescue, a large number of bricks, wood and other debris was cleared a little, hold in the arms of his father’s baby was finally rescued, but dying, immediately pay first aid by on-site medical staff. Subsequently, the father was successfully rescued, but fortunately no life-threatening. The understanding of the housing for the adobe wood structure, worn, and the rain soaked the collapse, when the accident occurred, 4 trapped in the house to rest, was rescued by the fire brigade’s father more than 40 years old, my daughter is only 1 years old 8 months. Under the ruins of his father to support her daughter’s rescue and rescue相关的主题文章: