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4 elderly people suspected of death after a spate of Japanese police to track hospital killings – Sohu news, according to Xinhua news agency, located in Yokohama, Japan’s second largest city, a hospital, this month, there are more than 80 people suspected of death of more than 4 years old. Police said 27 days, preliminary inference might have a "killer" series of patients to poison, has killed at least two people were killed. Big mouth hospital (transliteration) this month, 4 people over the age of 80 suspected death. Japan’s Kyodo news agency quoted 27 police sources said, the results of the autopsy confirmed that two of the 88 year old man body contain a surfactant for disinfection. This month, 4 am, Amaki Nobuo, 88, died of heart failure (). The hospital found his bag was injected into the infusion of the chemical, and alarm. Police immediately suspect, 18 days in the hospital died. The 88 year old man a total of Xichuan (sound) and another eight years, and 20 died, "a more than and 90 year old woman, probably being poisoned. The 3 dead bodies were then sent to the autopsy, have been identified in Xichuan contain the same chemical substances. Police, the 3 men were killed in the same room in the hospital, the same hospital in the same room, the women died in the same floor of the other ward in the four. Kyodo News Agency reported that 17 medical staff on the morning of the day for the delivery of the infusion bags for the first 3 days to the nurses office area of the four floor. The area is usually not locked, not far from the storage of a disinfectant. Sam died, the police examined about 50 infusion bag has not been used, it is found that some of the rubber sealing infusion bag with needle, may be injected with foreign body. Japanese police are investigating whether the poisoning incident is an internal staff as.相关的主题文章: