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2016 product orange travel accommodation forum held in Beijing – Travel Channel forum site. People.com.cn Beijing on 29 August,   26, 2016 orange tourism accommodation forum held in Beijing, the forum is to "stay together" as the core, hotel, non standard accommodation, upstream and downstream resources platform assembly. Tourism product orange founder and CEO Wang Zhuo entitled "2016 big tourism accommodation opportunities vane" speech, a detailed interpretation from the accommodation type, quantity, direction of subversion. He said: the development of the Moderno Hotel industry for more than 30 years, each with a strong feature of the era of the market stage, the hotel industry should adapt to market development, to achieve the interests of enterprises and operators, the interests of the largest." Yin Shuhu, vice president of travel with the way, far away CEO Shi Shaodong, where COO and large accommodation division CEO Zhang Qiang and other guests at the meeting made a point of view sharing. The forum has invited government representatives, online travel, hotel group, hotel planning and design, non standard accommodation (B & B, inns, hotels, car, container house etc.), media representatives and more than 300 guests attended the meeting. (Feng Yatao, even pure commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: