2016 Korea game awards released Mobile Games hit won the highest award roxane hayward

2016 Korea game awards released Mobile Games "HIT" won the highest award [Abstract] South Korea game awards on the evening of 16 officially announced, Natgames’s "HIT" won the highest award (Presidential Award), best actress (Prime Minister Award) obtained by the "Stone Age", "watch" overseas popular game pioneer award. This paper from the Tencent game channel exclusive compilation, please indicate the source of the Korean game award once a year officially announced on the evening of 16, mobile phone game "HIT" won the highest award. Co sponsored by the Korean Ministry of culture and tourism, electronic news and sports game awards 2016 North Korea South Korea on the evening of 16 5 BEXCO in Busan held a grand ceremony, the 22 segments, 15 departments, jointly compete for 25 awards and 1 special award. This year’s award to the expert jury vote (60%), the game industry experts vote (10%), the reporter voting group (10%), Internet voting (20%) selection criteria. Natgames "HIT" received the highest award (Presidential Award), best actress (Prime Minister Award) obtained by the Netmarble of the "Stone Age", Excellence Award (the Ministry Award) by Neowiz Games Bless Studio for the development of super large MMORPG the end of the tour "IMC Games", "God bless the tree", Factorial Games "Lost Kingdom" and "ROI Games White Day: a school named the labyrinth" and other works. In addition, in the technical awards, through various selected selected candidates, the game by the experts with 20% of the voting rights of decision. The script by White Day project ": a school named" sound and picture maze, belonging to Neowiz Games Bless Studio award of the "gods", the role field flowers IMC Gmaes "the tree". It is reported that the awards including Korean culture, sports and Tourism Ministry game industry Cui star chief, hee Ju representative director Yuanmo electronic news, South Korean cultural information North Korean news publisher Li Chengguan, director of Korean network digital entertainment association chairman Jiang Shenzhe, vice president Jin Yong of the Institute for the revitalization of philosophy more than 300 high-end people in the industry. Let us look at the specific attribution of each award! [2016 South Korea game award winners Award] "HIT" Natgames the "Stone Age" award of Excellence Award (Netmarble client game) "Neowiz Games Bless" Studio "God bless the tree" IMC Games Excellence Award (intelligent mobile phone game "Lost Kingdom") Factorial Games White Day ": a school named maze" ROI GamesGOOD GAME "For to observe the history of South Korea Award相关的主题文章: