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12 constellation love inertia (Figure) Su Ge star scandal [blog] 12 constellations love you are accustomed to inertia scandal derailed, accustomed to the weak, knowing why always overcome habits? A lie, inertia to the attention of the constellation: Pisces, Aquarius, cancer after work, and friends together, singing, drinking, playing cards and games, but on the phone to lie, "well, I work overtime, busy!" The lie was exposed many lovers, but still made the same mistake next time. Reminder: the emergence of inertia lying this phenomenon, it is likely that I have had a feeling of boredom, in order to avoid positive conflict, choose to lie to ease the contradiction, to avoid pressure. However, the fundamental problem can not solve the problem, the two sides can accept the bottom line, communicate with each other, exchange, in order to find a solution. Two, pay attention to the inertia of suspicion: Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio took advantage of her bath, Restroom time, check the mobile phone SMS, MSN chat records, hoping to find some traces from some details, to confirm their suspicions are accurate. Even if not found any results, will never go on. Reminder: Inertia suspicion is very destructive, not only will lead to a crisis of confidence, but also affect the stability of the feelings. If you have any questions, you can ask each other directly, frankly, do not suspect that the dark ghosts, their own scare yourself. Three, choose the same type of inertial lovers should pay attention to the constellation: Libra, Taurus and Pisces for the first lover Lianlianbuwang, was always hard to share the most true, most pure feelings, love again will choose those character, appearance, temperament and previous lovers ten similar people, always put the lovers as the shadow of the former lovers, lovers picking. Reminder: this kind of inertia is a kind of psychological disease, the key is to adjust their mentality. Even if you can not forget the past, please cherish the present! Grasp the feelings now, in order to have a better future. Four, the inertia to break up to pay attention to the constellation: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius talked about countless love, but there is no relationship is more than six months. When fresh, mysterious, stimulate a sense of loss, will feel tired, depressed, upset, do not want to continue to maintain a relationship, always claim that: "that stopped me, and he together hand in hand to the old person has not appeared!" Reminder: although "life is like a box of chocolates, never know what the next one is taste", but to love as a game of life, cynical attitude, but also easy to distortion wrong feelings, regret and regret. Sometimes, the next stop, not necessarily happiness! Five, pay attention to the weak inertial Constellation: cancer, Libra, Pisces have strong dissatisfaction with the couple, several times to break up, but because of sadness, nostalgia, fantasy, a compromise and concession. Hurt himself, but the initiative for its reasons and excuses to look forward to each other, can correct the error and self deception said, "perhaps he will be for me.相关的主题文章: